Frustration of a “Delayed” Customer Service!

How often have you waited on call for many minutes while trying to get some information on your debit or credit card? Or perhaps to register a complaint against a certain service? Have the annoying long recorded advertisements bothered you enough to give up on the service? Do you not realize the power of your voice?


I had two recent incidents that got on my nerve and drove me to write this blog. One involving an internet service I use at home, and another related to my debit card issues. Like the frustration of a call not connecting wasn’t enough, I had to wait for many minutes when the call actually got through. Customer service is somehow becoming less of a priority, even though organizations today understand that retention is cheaper than attraction/ conversion of newer leads. Perhaps this is owing to more focus on automating processes whereas we still have time to get there. Or maybe it’s due to cost cutting strategies focusing more on other areas. Other hypothesis include lack of shared vision or coordination between organizational elements.


Regardless of the actual cause, the final effect falls on the consumer. A consumer that still ends up paying for a failed service. However, today we have powerful digital mediums that we can make use of, to speak out on our dissatisfaction. Given the helplessness we face, it’s only fair to share some of that experience with big corporations that keep getting fat off of our money.

Whenever you come across a frustrating service, share your experience with others. Go for both positive and negative reviews as it might help someone make a good call. Your opinion is quite powerful, but the responsibility to use it wisely on digital mediums falls on your shoulder as well.



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